Our FAQ’s About The Journey Experience Workshop

We have had many questions and wonderful interest in this workshop.  We’ve collected a list below of the most common questions folks have asked about.

In this FAQ:

  • About The Journey
  • Our Personal Journey Experience
  • What You Learn in the 2-day Workshop
  • What You Learn in the 3-day Workshop

About the Journey:

The journey workshop is based on the work of Brandon Bays. Brandon had a basketball-sized tumor in her uterus.  In her own personal healing journey, she discovered a healing process that completely dissolved her tumor!  As she experimented with this process, she found it to be incredibly effective in healing both physical and emotional wounds.  In her book, The Journey, she writes about her own healing and introduces the two key processes that she discovered–the physical journey process and the emotional journey process.  From here, the work just kept growing. Today, workshops are taught all over the world and there are multiple levels to her program, including the ability to become an official practitioner of this work.

Our Experience with Journeywork:

Satya first discovered Journeywork a little over two and a half years ago through some volunteer work she does with combat veterans. Through this work, she witnessed first-hand the power of the journey processes.  This led Satya and Michael to read Brandon’s book, which further led them to seek out training.  They went to Canada where they met Annette Nolan, a senior Journey teacher.  The training weekend was nothing short of life-altering.  They went to their first training with a clear list of issues that, no matter how much spiritual work they did, still seemed to linger.  Not only did the issues clear that weekend but many of them have never resurfaced.

What you learn at the 2-day workshop:

The 2-day workshop teaches the foundations of all Journeywork.  Over the course of the 2 days, you learn how to do both the physical journey and the emotional journey processes that Brandon describes in her book.  This is done both with group experiences and with individual practice and supervision from the Annette and her trainers.  The process of learning the processes is profoundly healing. By the end of the weekend, you’ll have had clear instruction and practice and have new healing tools to take home and use on yourself and others.

What you learn at the 3-day workshop:

The third day is the first official step toward becoming a practitioner of this work. It is also highly beneficial even if you have no plans of becoming a practitioner.  The major focus of the 3rd day is to answer the “what if’s” type questions that inevitably arise when you are sharing this work with others. There is teaching about how to prepare for offering the processes to family or friends.  Additionally, there are 6 advanced skills that are taught and then incorporated into the process. These are very powerful and effective to assist in reaching forgiveness and understanding.

For additional questions and more information or to register for the workshop, contact info@thejourneyna.com or call 1-855-625-6876 or click on the workshop information below (you will be taken to The Journey North America site).
Journey Intensive and Advanced Skills
Journey 2-Day -March 30 -31