It has been our honor to work with a wide variety of very sweet Souls. Here is what some have openly shared about our experiences together:

I highly recommend Michael Hurley for health care services. I have had massage therapy for many years and Michael is at the top of the list. He has great hands and is very present and intuitive with his work. The Shiatsu massage is particularly exceptional.–M.G.

Blissful Experience! My Reiki treatment with Tricia was absolutely wonderful. I cannot say enough about Tricia’s warmth and supportive presence. She is full of compassion and wisdom — and a master at Reiki healing. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking healing. –A.T.

Wow-o-wow, what a peaceful feeling! It was so wonderful to experience Tricia’s gifted healing work in such a warm, inviting venue (entry, room, Reiki) and her calm reassuring presence, I have scheduled a series to be able to receive more of this wonderful woman’s gifts regularly. –M.Z.

AMAZING! I am new to Reiki and was not sure to what to expect. It was an awesome experience. I felt clearer and more present. Tricia is simply wonderful! Thank you, Thank you! –E.S.

Satya’s an intuitive healer of great capacity and divine gentleness. Her awareness and skills are very special. It’s a blessing to work with her!! –M.S.

Loved It! I could feel her healing hands even when not touching me physically….just spiritually. I felt her kindness and warmth in her demeanor. I look forward to returning. –M.P.

Tricia is the real deal! I had surprisingly bad back pain two weeks ago – it was actually scary to me as I normally do not ever have back pain. Tricia worked on me once and it left and has thankfully not revisited itself upon me! –M.L.

Tricia is a very gifted healer and I enjoyed both the treatment and the ambiance of the room it was held in. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a Reiki practitioner and will schedule another session with her when I feel the need. I felt very calm and peaceful afterwards. –P.S.

Great with children! Tricia worked on my nine year old son and the session was wonderful. Tricia’s nurturing energy was a pleasure to be around and her spirit was accessible for both of us. We will visit her again. –A.H.

Reiki healing was deeply opening and grounding. Tricia’s healing Reiki session was both opening and deepening for me. Also, at the end, she said I needed some further grounding and stood on the tops of my feet. I had a definite feeling of being firmly connected to the earth the rest of the day. An experience which had me feeling very safe and secure. –S.R.

Tricia is a gifted healer with an angel’s touch. After just one session with her, I felt expansive and strong, and knew that I had made a very important breakthrough that would help me tremendously. Tricia is extremely compassionate and intuitive, and brings a beautiful presence to her work. I recommend her highly, she is truly a joy to work with. –K.S.