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About Reiki Training

Reiki Healing and TrainingThe time-honored tradition of the sacred Japanese healing art of Reiki opens the doors to Spirit, allowing you to cultivate and rediscover your innate healing abilities.

Reiki can easily be learned by anyone. It is passed on through Teacher to Student via a series of attunements to the given level of Reiki energy. Whether your desire is for self-healing or to enhance your current practices, Reiki training offers a unique opportunity for spiritual growth.

Cup of Life Healing Center’s Reiki Training program is designed as a comprehensive training program to cultivate strong, confident Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters. We not only provide solid teaching of both traditional Usui and Usui Tibetan Reiki techniques and teaching methods but also full mentoring and community support along your training path and personal journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Each level of training builds on the previous and strengthens the energy flowing through the practitioner. There is a cumulative building of the healer’s toolbox of techniques and ways to use or channel the Reiki energy.

All levels of Reiki training include instructional and hands-on application of techniques learned. All levels also include active discussion and application of Reiki as it relates to self-healing, stress reduction, personal and spiritual growth, as well as increasing spiritual awareness and intuition –all essential tools on the journey to providing healing support for oneself and others.

Training is led by Satya Hurley. Satya interweaves teachings and techniques, traditional uses and applications of Reiki that she has learned through two intensive Reiki master training courses, experiences in her private Reiki practice and her passion for yoga, spiritual healing, and the energy body. This combination provides a distinctive and enriched learning experience – providing a solid foundation in practical knowledge of Reiki and assisting you in expanding your spiritual practices and to co-create peace and soul awareness.

Reiki I

Training Dates and Pricing

Delve into this sacred Japanese healing tradition that will allow you to cultivate your intuition and rediscover your ability to heal yourself and others. Class focus includes:

  • What is Reiki
  • Reiki History and Uses
  • Reiki Ideals
  • 1st Level Attunements
  • Self-Healing Practice Techniques
  • Intro to Understanding the Energy Body
  • Intro to Clinical Application Techniques
  • Hands-On Practice of Giving Reiki
  • Applying the use of Reiki to everyday living

Reiki II

Training Dates and Pricing

This next level of attunements builds on the first, to attain higher levels of Reiki energy, amplifying the vibratory level in our physical and etheric bodies. The key to level II – practitioners learn how to use Reiki to heal the past or send Reiki to the future. Specific techniques and tools are also given for mental/emotional healing and for increasing and amplifying the power of Reiki flowing through the practitioner’s hands. Class focus includes:

  • 2nd Level Attunements
  • Use of the sacred Reiki symbols for increasing the power of Reiki, for mental/emotional healing and for sending Reiki over distance
  • Additional tools and techniques are given for working with the Energy Body
  • Additional Clinical Application Techniques
  • Hands-On Practice

Prerequisite: Reiki I with Cup of Life Healing Center.

Reiki Master Training

Training Dates and Pricing

The next two levels of training dive deep into the essence of Reiki. Earlier levels of training, as taught by Cup of Life Healing Center, set a key foundation for deeper studies. As such, Reiki Master candidates are required to complete both Levels I & II with Cup of Life Healing Center prior to beginning the Reiki Master training program.

The Reiki III, Reiki Master Practitioner course at Cup of Life Healing Center is intended to strengthen and refine the skills of the Reiki practitioner.  The Reiki IV, Reiki Master Teacher course is intended to prepare you to learn how to teach Reiki to others.

Reiki III – Reiki Master Practitioner

This 10-month long intensive training is designed to ensure practitioners gain significant hands-on experience, develop an intimate relationship with Reiki, and develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be an energy healer.

Throughout the training, we explore multiple key aspects to guide and strengthen the knowledge, skills, and understanding of a healer including:

  • Deepening our understanding and relationship with Reiki
  • Exploring and Studying Energy Theory and multiple aspects of the Energy Body
  • Exploring concepts and practices for personal/spiritual growth
  • Exploring models for effective client communication and client ethics
  • Attunement to the traditional Usui Master Symbol
  • Advanced Reiki practitioner skills such as using Reiki with crystal grids and aura clearing techniques
  • Students also gain significant hands-on experience in working with a variety of individuals

The training is broken out into two distinct parts: Master Practitioner Candidate Preparation and the Master Practitioner Initiation Weekend.

The preparation period is an intensive and sacred time to grow and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and Reiki.  Special emphasis is placed on this time period to raise our personal vibration and deepen our skills and understandings in preparation for receiving and embodying Reiki as a master practitioner.  During this time Reiki III candidates work on gaining experience as a practitioner. The group also meets monthly to explore Reiki, energy theory, personal/spiritual growth and client communication.  A significant amount of reading, reflection, and hands-on practice is required throughout.

Reiki III Training culminates in a training weekend where candidates learn how to use the traditional Usui Master Symbol which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols and can also be used for healing on its own.  Additionally, advanced practitioner skills are taught as well.  Time is given in class for hands-on practice with the new symbol and new techniques.  Additionally, there is interactive class discussion and opportunity to more deeply integrate the teachings and learning from the preparation period.

Prerequisite: Reiki I & II with Cup of Life Healing Center. Additional homework and hands-on application of clinical techniques, to be completed prior to the attunement weekend, required as well.

Reiki IV – Traditional Usui & Usui / Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher

The Reiki Master Teacher course is intended to prepare you to learn how to teach Reiki to others.  Additional techniques are also taught and additional attunements are given including the Usui/Tibetan Master symbol.

One of the essential parts of teaching is not only having significant hands-on experience working with all levels of Reiki healing energy but also possessing a solid understanding of who you are as a teacher.  Reiki Master Teacher training is intended for those who wish to teach this sacred healing art with depth and integrity.

Similar to Reiki III, a preparation period, additional hands-on practicum at the Reiki III level, and in-depth training on teaching others will be required.

Training Will Include:

  • In-depth hands-on practice with Reiki III energies and techniques
  • Develop understanding and experience with a variety of Reiki techniques from multiple Reiki traditions
  • Solidify understanding of all Reiki symbols
  • Develop an understanding of the essential elements of teaching each level of Reiki
  • Develop personal Reiki philosophy statement
  • Full instruction and practice on how to give attunements at all levels including both traditional Usui and Usui/Tibetan Methods are taught
  • Ample time is given in class to practice all attunements as well as exploring deeper the lifestyle of a Reiki Master.

Prerequisite: Reiki III with Cup of Life Healing Center. Additional homework and hands-on application of clinical techniques, to be completed prior to the attunement weekend, required as well.

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