Hello Everyone,

We are all a little on edge these days.

There is a lot of uncertainty and disagreement.

I want to share an idea that I think about a lot.  I hope it will help even one person have an easier time this week, especially since so many of you have shared nervous anticipation of the 2020 election results. 

Here’s the idea:  GIVE what you WANT to RECEIVE.

For the most part, we all want the same thing regardless of the political side of the fence you reside on.

I believe we ALL want to live a PEACEFUL, SECURE, and HAPPY life.

Now, what that exactly means may be different from one person to another.
But… We all want the same basic things.

As humans, we think we know how to attain these things. The trouble is, this “knowing” often comes from a FEAR space.  Because of that, it is not truly knowing.  This kind of “knowing” causes us to suffer.

The fear space “knowing” makes us think that if we do certain things and FORCE specific situations to turn out in a particular outcome, we will be that much closer to reaching our goals of PEACE, SECURITY, and HAPPINESS. 

When, in fact, FORCING doesn’t get us there. Instead, it usually creates more of what we don’t want.

The GOOD news is…

We DON’T have to FORCE a single thing.
Our MIND mixed with our EMOTIONS is SO POWERFUL, we can actually make things happen like MAGIC.

That is why we ALWAYS want to keep our emotions positive and redirect ourselves when our emotions are negative.


This MAGIC of our minds and emotions is INCREDIBLY POTENT with EVERY emotion.

What kinds of things get conjured up in your life with, say, ANGER?

Exactly!  Not things that are likely to be desired.

What about if we mix the power of our minds with COMPASSION?

These get us a lot closer to that goal of PEACE, SECURITY, and HAPPINESS.
Would you agree?

What if we added some ACTION to that?
Like a smile?…
Like an open-minded conversation?…

Some call it LOVING ACTION. 

What we spend our time thinking about and spend our emotional “dollars” on will happen eventually.

That includes things that we may not actually want too.

Our minds are so adept at this SUPER-POWER of manifestation that, what comes back to us, comes back exponentially.

What am I saying?

If we get CAUGHT UP in NEGATIVE THOUGHTS like who is right and who is wrong, violent thoughts, lonely or separate thoughts, those types of NEGATIVE SITUATIONS INCREASE in our lives.
“Bad luck.”

If we, instead, THINK THOUGHTS of COOPERATION and TRUTH, peaceful and loving, connected, and belonging thoughts, these POSITIVE SITUATIONS will GROW in our lives.
Meeting cooperative people.
“Flow” – meaning things seeming to go our way.
“Good luck.”

There are many examples in life where we see this wisdom.

For example, the saying, “What goes around, comes around.”  People often use it when something terrible is happening as a warning, but this also is true for good things.

There is also the biblical saying,  “you will reap what you sow.”  It sounds like a very threatening statement, and sometimes we hear it in an ominous tone. For me, it means that the thoughts that we put out into the world will result in the abundance we receive.

Yet another way to understand is through Buddhist philosophy. Buddhist philosophy says the mind is like a garden and all of your thoughts are like different kinds of plants.  The plants that we water and nourish will be plentiful.

If we give attention to the negative things in life, they will be plentiful, and the positive things will wither and die.
If we give ATTENTION to the POSITIVE things in life, they will be PLENTIFUL, and the negative things will wither and die.

This PRACTICE of positive thinking is a LIFE-LONG JOURNEY, and we can APPLY it to EVERY SITUATION.  Do your best not to be discouraged if you fall into negative thoughts.  If you do, remember that they are simply habits that you are trying to break.  Whenever you catch yourself in negative thinking, redirect yourself to a positive thought instead.

As powerful as OUR MIND is, it can ONLY process ONE emotion at a time.  So, CHOOSE a POSITIVE one because it is your choice.  No one is controlling your mind except you.

To become great at anything takes years of practice, but it needs to start somewhere.

I invite you to join me in a LIFE-LONG PRACTICE of POSITIVITY.

Regardless of the 2020 Presidential election results, I think it would be very beneficial for all of us to think positively about the outcomes of PEACE, SECURITY, and HAPPINESS for everyone around the world.

Don’t get caught up in HOW to attain that.  Try not to believe that one outcome is best for the world, no matter how “obvious” it may seem to you.

It is silly for us to think that we know the meaning and the divine nature of the world.

We are ALL in this TOGETHER, and we all need to love one another.

I hope that someone finds my words useful and that it can ease some tension.

And, as always, feel free to pass it along to anyone you think might benefit.

Sending Peace and Well Wishes,

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