Check out our short video where we take a quick tour of the maintenance visit check-in process and how we are keeping things safe inside the treatment rooms.

Common Questions

What is a maintenance acupuncture visit?  We created maintenance acupuncture visits exclusively for those who were our active, established patients, prior to COVID-19.  A maintenance visit is a 30-min acupuncture treatment, focused on your treatment goals.  This means we can continue your care while still keeping everyone safe and healthy.  Treatment is given in a recliner chair, just like before.  The main difference is that you are the only patient in the room.

What are you doing to ensure sanitation?  Patients are seen in one of two rooms. We alternate rooms between each patient.  Additionally, we alternate chairs within each room. So, the chair you are in is fully disinfected with hospital grade disinfectant prior to your use.  We also spray down all common doorknobs and surfaces in between each patient.

Where are the pillows and blankets? We have removed all pillows and blankets as these are very tricky to keep disinfected.  You are welcome to bring these items from home if you would like. If you forget and get chilly, we do have space blankets (non-porous, camping blankets) that work very well.

Do I have to worry about someone I don’t know being next to me during my treatment?  No. We’ve got you covered.  During a maintenance visit, you are the only patient in the room.  The one exception is if you’d like to come in with your spouse/partner, or another same-household family member, in which case we can treat you in the same room should you choose to do so.

How much does a maintenance visit cost?  Due to our decreased capacity, maintenance visits cost $40 per visit. While we no longer offer a sliding scale, we do have a small dharma fund to support anyone who is affected by the price change. If you’d otherwise come in for a steady course of treatment, please talk to us and we will do our best to work with you. And, if you’d like to pay it forward and help someone else out in their time of need, we welcome that too.

Can I still book my appointment online? Yes. We suggest pre-scheduling at least 4-visits at a time to ensure your preferred appointment spot is available. We can also book appointments for you in our office, after your treatment.

What is the difference between a Maintenance Visit and a regular Private Acupuncture Treatment?  Maintenance Visits are an excellent way to maintain your health or address acute health concerns.  They are 30-min. long and are offered exclusively to existing patients (anyone who was established an established patient prior to the COVID-19 shutdown).  Regular private acupuncture treatments are ideal for patients with chronic or complex health conditions. Treatments are 60-min long.  Regular private acupuncture addresses chronic conditions with the full scope of Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, and mind-body medicine. 

What if I have a new or complex condition I want to address greater in-depth?  Any existing patient who would like to explore our full program of treatments is welcome to request a free consultation.  We’re more than happy to discuss the additional ways we can support your care holistically.