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If you’re on this page, that means you’re already a patient of Cup of Life Healing Center and are interested in continuing your care. (If you’re NOT already a patient, no worries, click here to book a free initial consultation now).

What Is a Virtual Visit?

A “Virtual Visit” is a visit with us, just like any other private visit, except instead of taking place at the clinic, it takes place over a secure, face-to-face video conference.

Obviously, for Virtual Private Acu Visits, we won’t do the acupuncture remotely, but we WILL ensure your current herbs are correct and we will give you the same proven, results-focused, trusted guidance in the form of self-acupressure protocols, nutrition, meditations, and exercise.  This is a 30-minute appointment, so we have plenty of time to address your concerns.

Reiki has always been effective across distance. Virtual Reiki Sessions are the same as in-office visits, except that you will rest in a comfortable space in your home. We will stay on the call with you for the entire 60-minute session.

So, there’s still a LOT we can do to get things going and/or keep things going on a positive track for you.

Are Virtual Visits Secure?
Absolutely. Our video-conferencing service uses the highest grade encryption to secure the communication channel. And, they are in compliance with ALL federal patient privacy protection laws.

Why Do A Virtual Visit?

  • Active patients – Continued focus on the treatment plan, so you keep making progress on your goals.
  • Active and returning patients – Time to get some sound, trusted advice and support during this unique time in history.
  • Returning patients – Catch up and get recommendations for boosting the immune system, staying healthy, manage anxiety and stress, really whatever you want to talk to us about.

SPECIAL Pricing for Existing Patients
Virtual Private Acu Visits, like in-office private visits, are normally $90.  However, we know these are unprecedented times. We want Virtual Private Acu Visits to be as accessible as possible for those who depend on our regular care.

So, from now, through the stay-at-home order, Virtual Private Acu Visits for EXISTING Patients ONLY are on a sliding scale of $45-$90.  That is 30-minutes of 1:1 time to focus on your health concerns.  Existing patients are patients who have had their initial intake visit with us before March 17, 2020.

On our first call, we will determine the frequency of your Virtual Private Acu Visits.  Since you will be doing the recommendations every day, in some cases, we may be able to lengthen the time between visits.

If, for some reason, you need a further reduced rate, reach out and let us know. We’d rather you not miss out on your care than have you opt-out because of prices. We understand and will do our best to work with you!

How Do I Schedule My Virtual Visit?
Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click on the “Schedule Now” button below. It will take you to Schedulicity as usual.
  2. In the Existing Patients section, choose either Virtual Private Acu Visit or Virtual Reiki Session.
  3. Your confirmation email will contain IMPORTANT instructions on how to prepare for your Virtual Visit, including how to connect to the video conferencing software. Please read the confirmation well in advance of your visit.
  4. If you have difficulty booking online, please email the Front Desk or leave us a message and we will get back with you.
Online scheduling
or Call us: (603) 352-3625

We’re looking forward to connecting with you and continuing your care!


Michael and Satya

Owners, Cup of Life Healing Center